First crypto city in the world

There is a city in the world which is already quite known in cryptocurrency world due the warm welcoming hands towards cryptocurrency community.  This city Is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia!

Estonia has been a country where a lot of crypto companies has registered and and licensed.
The country itself is very tech savvy and is often referred as the silicon valley of Europe, because many widely known IT companies has been founded in Estonia.

For example: Skype, Wise, Bolt, Playtech and now United.

Our goal is to create cryptocurrency usability for all the product and service categories for the everyday life. Starting from groceries, restaurants, food delivery and end up with electronics, cars and Real Estate.


We are aiming to get 500+ merchants by the end of the year to accept United cryptocurrency in Tallinn and install crypto ATMs into Airport, Bus station, Train station and Harbour, so all the people would be able to change their Fiat into crypto at the time of entering the city!

Users would get part the innovative way of using money, loyalty program and possibly growing crypto while the merchants would be able to stand out with advertisements on the U-land applications where all the merchants are listed.


So far we have already made agreement with approximately 50 Merchants who already in upcoming weeks will start accepting the United Cryptocurrency in Tallinn for various products and all of them will be available to see at